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Blue rats

2017-07-29 20:47 #0 by: Zickan

Here you can add pictures on Blue rats. Genetic aa gg . No discussing. Only pictures and perhaps a smaller text with the picture. 
Please start a new thread if you would like to ask or discuss something around the color Blue.

Other popular names for this Blue are Amerikan and English blue.

2017-07-29 20:49 #1 by: Zickan

Two males I have had. 

2017-07-29 20:59 #2 by: Zickan

Found a very old picture from 2007. One of my first blue rats, Zickan's Smurfan. I breed this lovely girl. Not the best color. But extremely soft, sweet girl. Here she is carrying a litter in the stomach. Still, has her bloodline behind some of my rats today.  
The second rat is her great grandchild or something like that.  Zickan's Ladys nalle


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