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How do your rats live?

2017-02-16 00:48 #0 by: Zickan

There are a lot of cages out there. Both bought and home made. How does your rat live?
If you have bought the cage if you know, what is that cage named?

2017-02-16 00:56 #1 by: Zickan

This is how most of my rats live. I have taken 3 royal suite 95 cages that I have painted white. Except for one part, I was too lazy to paint. Here I have one male and one female flock. Sometimes I share one cage into two parts. If I need to part a flock or I can't have them together and the savic zeno 2 cage in the kitchen is occupied. 

2017-03-01 17:38 #2 by: tanglytails

My maincage with my gentlemens. 
Little zoo xtrail was the name I bought my cage as. 

This is an older picture because I can't find my memorycard atm. 
(damn picture, ofc it will post itself wrong)

2017-03-03 10:45 #3 by: Nibbler

Royal suite xl.


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