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2018-06-07, 16:05

Summer pictures

Got any cute summer pictures on your rats? Would be nice see some pictures of your rats outside In love

2018-06-07, 16:09

When you have the rats out like that, don't they want to run away then?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-07-22, 04:25
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They usually stay near. But you never know. Predator can come and take them. Can get scared and run off. 
The best choice is to keep them in some kind of playpen. Or using a harness. If you would like to have them free on the ground but still safe. 
I actually make rat harness that I sell. Verry popular. Something I came up with my self, using the old show harness. Also called 8-harness(here in Sweden). The name probably came from its shape, like the number eight. 

Started with plans on making harness around midsummer 2009 when I was taking two girls from my litter with me on vacation. Was supposed to give them over to the new owner. But they could not pick up the date we had agreed. So standing there with no more cage then the transport. I made two small harnesses for them. So they could run more free as mutch at possible. I let them be free in my bed when sleeping. Gave long leash that I put on my toe. In case they would get down on the floor, so I could find them again in they got under any furniture. But they slept by my side for two days in a cabin. 
Made my first real one after several hours trying out materials and different parts. Trying to figure out the safest harness that was easy to move in but also looking good. And one that didn't weight too much on them. So the 1 July 2009 i made my first rat harness. 
Sold it ever since to people who want one. The same model as I made up back then in 2009. I have only added a part in the back to keep away pressure from the neck and make it a bit safer. 
The blue harness is my first. The purple is with the new upgrade.

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2018-07-22, 14:50

Cool! Perhaps you could sell them online.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2018-09-08, 10:06

I didn´t take any summer pics of any of my rodents this summer. I almost never take them outside anymore either. Long time ago, I had a ratcage outdoor and my rats spent a couple of hours outside every day. Every second day girls and every second day boys. They had a pool and some of them took a swim.

Very very old picture of Arinella´s Brons, Agouti, male (1991)


Host 4 mouse - Welcome!   <:3 }~~~

2018-09-08, 10:07

 Lakrits (1991)


Host 4 mouse - Welcome!   <:3 }~~~

2018-09-08, 10:09

Males in the cage 1991


Host 4 mouse - Welcome!   <:3 }~~~

2019-01-23, 23:02

#3 I actually do.🙂 Have done since 2009. Very popular in Sweden.  Do also make for material cost and chip around 50-100 every year to Norway rat society. 
But have had a break last months, should start to make some again sone. Was too much chaos at my work and after my dad got a heart attack and stroke.

2019-01-23, 23:08

#4 Love old pictures. Sad but fun to watch many years later. 
Same for me. Not time to bring them outside as much this summer as years before. Most out on the balcony. Running free or in a cage for some hours. But it was so hot this summer. Even I tried to stay inside more this summer.

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