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2017-07-29, 21:09

Online pedigree database

Did you know that a private person in Sweden has built a pedigree database?
Feel free to check Ratalog.se

This database was built for a new rat society. But the club was falling behind in the making and are delayed. The person responsible for making this page didn't want the database to ever have problems with any club. Wanted it open for the people. 
The person behind this online system will always owning it. Will keep on building it forward. It will not be put down in a couple of years. It will not have a rule that you need to be part of a club/society for using it. 

Did you know that I and Terato put over 3000 rats in the system before it was open to the public? Guess how many pedigrees there are now after others started to adding rats. In June  2017, the database had already 9024 unique rats .

You might ask why do a person put so much time and effort in something and not save the money for it?
Easy. We wanted to Help the rats forward.  It is so sad on how many pedigrees that are lost every year. Computer crash, home pages are taken down. Plain paper gets lost.  The database is made for keeping track. Make it easier for people as breeders. 

If you're not a member. You can still search rats and see the information. 

If you would like so much more. You can become a member for only about 10 euros per year. Then you might ask, you told me the money is not going to the makers pocket?
Yes, i did. All money that is coming in from members. Are put in an own account and at the end of the year. All money is given away to needed organizations. Will come back on who this has been so far.  And everyone can give tip on organizations and why to give them the money that year.  

Did you know that every rat in the system has its own page? 
A page the owner or more people can edit when they like. You can ask the database for access to rats for changing and adding information. But every rat you own is yours to edit as much as you pleace.  Nothing you have to do. But it is more fun when people adding pictures and more information about the rats. 
The fun part is. You can easily point the rats page to your own homepage. If you do so with the frame code. You will get the picture and small information directly on your home page. All changes in the database will automatic change on your home page. For those who click on the picture, they will be sent to the pedigree and all information. 

As a member, you can add how many rats you would like. 

As a member, you can make trial matings and share a pedigree. 

You can edit information, add picture, add stud book number if the rat is registered in any society/club . Every rat will even get its own number in the database. 

As a member, and a breeder. You don't need to do any trial, don't need to be in a society. You don't need to follow many rules that often comes with wanting to use a prefix/breeder name.  This pedigree database is different, it would love you to use your prefix from start. The only thing that is recommended.  If you are new and not had your prefix long, please check if it's already taken. Preferred to change the spelling or perhaps think of another name. 
It is okay to change prefix after a time. But not shift very often. 

Most text is translated in english under the Swedish. If you need Help or have questions. You can find Help on the page. There are also Help with varietys. And if you think something needs to be added or changed. Pleace feel free to discuss it with Ratalog.  Can't find the Help you are looking for. You can also contact the admin for questions. 

Ratalog is still under construction. A new database is being made. Takes some time. But don't be afraid. All data from the first version will be added to the second version when it comes. 

The person behind ratalog got here first newborn not long ago. She is soon back to Support ratalog. 

Useful links 
Open community on facebook / Ratalog
Information about ratalog

2017-07-29, 21:10

About ratalog


Ratalog is a web based studbook database for fancy rats. It's administrated by me, Sara Östlund, a rat fanatic and breeder that have requested an online register for a long time. At last I desided to build one myself. The site is built with the Pedigree Point program and the database is administrated with Breeders Assistant for Rats and Pedigree Explorer. A backup is saved at every update.

Open system
The idéa about Ratalog is for everyone to be able to searsh for information related till Fancy Rats in Sweden and other countries. That means the Database is open for everyone to use for searching rats or to link pedigrees [SEARCH PAGE]. If, however, you'd like to add new rats to the system or edit existing rats you need do have a Ratalog Membership. Press the link [ABOUT MEMBERSHIP] to reed further.

Cooperation with the Swedish Rat Club (Svenska Råttklubben, SRK)
The swedish newly started rat club Svenska Råttklubben (SRK) convey all registration of rats to Ratalog instead of having an own register. When registrating a membership in SRK (250 SEK / Calendar Yeas) you get a full membership in Ratalog for that year. You can also choose to be a member of another club (inside or outside Sweden) or no club at all and still have a Ratalog Membership.

When you register a rat in Ratalog the rat gets a studbook number that can be used for identification. If the rat is registered in a club (in or outside of Sweden) you should also add the registration number of the rat and the name of the club. SRK doesn't use own registration numbers since they convey all registration of rats to Ratalog accoording to a contract. That means that you will use the studbook number when joining shows in the SRK.

Breeder Prefixes
Ratalog wants to encourage the usage of Breeder Prefix so that rats will be easier identified and to decrease the number of rats with the same name in the Database. When regisrating a rat into Ratalog you should add Breeder Prefix without regards concering the Breeder being registered in a club or not. If you are unsure of the spelling of the name, contact the breeder or make a search in Ratalog for earlier examples.

The Database is built in english to make it easy for foreign visitors to use. Information about membership et cetera will be written in both english and swedish.

2017-07-29, 21:20

What you can do
Add Rat - Add one rat at the time.
Add Litter - Add a whole litter. Or add 2 or more siblings you own
Edit Rat - Add/Edit picture, owner, information
Make Connection - If you would like to connect rats already in the system
Add 10 Rats - Add 10 rats at once from diffrent parents
Add pedigree - Add rat and a pedigree at the same time. Usefull if your rats pedigree
not already is in the system.**
Add Father** - If you add a male that you know are father to rats already in ratalog.
Add Mother - If you add a female you know are mother to rats already in ratalog
Comment Data - Here you can reach admin if you find something wrong in the system.
Or would like to ask something.

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2017-07-29, 21:29

How a rats own side looks like in this first version of ratalog.  I'm sorry for the text in Swedish.  You can add titles won at shows.
A place for needed warnings. As dominance/aggression,  Neutered, Microftalmi/micro eyes or no eye. cryptorchism/cryptorchid(one or none balls) 
Things made easier for those who seek health information. Things that can Help prevent further problems if people know of them when breeding.

2017-07-29, 21:35

How the pedigree looks like online in the system. Guess what. Every rat name can be clicked on. And you will get the pedigree on that rat. That is how you can check for more pedigree behind the rats. As more rats are added. More pedigrees can be followed far behind. 
Something I missed to write. Ratalog also shows the inbreeding percent on the rat and parents.

2017-07-29, 21:41

More useful things. You can check for added siblings and half siblings.

2017-07-29, 22:01
Preview of image 1 of 2
Preview of image 2 of 2

Trial mating. Nice thing to let you have both rats in front. Easy to check parents pedigrees to each other. And you can easily save the pedigree to your home page. Nice to show upcoming planning or litter pedigree before adding the litter. 
Here you can choose title and frame color. Text size and style
You can choose to show 3-9 generations behind. 
You can also choose if you would like to show pictures from 1-8 generations.
And if you would like a big or smaller version to show.

When clicking for pedigree. You get to choose two options. 
**Copy the frame-code below and paste it on your website to create a dynamic pedigree like this one:
**You can also copy the link-text below if you just want to add a clean link to the pedigree: 

2017-07-29, 22:10

Share pedigree for a rat is about the same. 
You have same options but here you can choose more ways to share. Also added a line if you would like to add information to this pedigree. 
Nice part is. Here you can make Pdf files. Perfect for saving the pedigree to your computer. But a nice thing for breeders to send the pedigree on parents or added/sold rats. 
More options might come with the new system. 

Here the new choices are. 
Create html:
* Standard pedigree
 * Mini pedigree
* Sibbling pedigree
* Sibbling mini pedigree
* Standard presentation
* Picture presentation
* Presentation + pedigree
Create Pdf:
* Standard pedigree

2017-07-29, 22:22
Preview of image 1 of 3
Preview of image 2 of 3
Preview of image 3 of 3

Standard and mini pedigree look like my comment #6. But colors, text, generations and so on can be different after choice. 
Here you have how standard presentation, Picture presentation,
Presentation + pedigree can look like. 

I love the picture presentation. It gives a picture on the rat if added in ratalog. And a small short text. The thing I think looks the best on home pages. 
My friend loves the standard presentation on her home page. Picture and more information.

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