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2017-07-29, 17:10

Moderator wanted!

The forum does need more moderators to Help build this page. This savvity collection of different discussion forums. Is new on English and growing steadily. First started in Swedish under ifokus. Has become a huge collection of different forums under one roof.  Now started with English langue.

I'm hosting the Sweden page as the English version for rats. It is served a huge chance to get a big international rat forum. Would you like to be part of the growing and construction of this page?

The Moderator who is needed has to:
*  Has to know the English langue. But correct spelling can be helped with.
* Need to know the basic of keeping and handling rats.
* Need to know how to google and collect basic information for articles if you're not very good on rats.
* Shall Help keep an eye on discussions so people are nice and not breaking rules.
* Trying to Help discuss, answer people and keep the forum nice for everyone.
* You will be allowed to Help planning and develop this forum forward. 

If interested contact me Zickan. The forum host.

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