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2017-04-26, 21:33

Downunder rat

Pictures only. Let us have a post with pictures on downunder rats. The rat with marking on the back and on the stomach. Pleace start a new post if you would like do discuss the marking or have questions.

2017-04-26, 21:36

One of my baby boys. Russian blue variegated downunder. Probably the one I will keep. Love downunders In love

2017-04-26, 22:59
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My first downunder rat. And I do think the first one seen on Swedish rat show.  He also won best pet rat on Sweden rat society big pet show. 
Don't usually cared when I won on the shows. But this male was so extremely perfect on every way. I loved him so mutch. And for getting so big words from two Finland judges who didn't like dumbo rats. For a dumbo rat to steal the heart from those two judges made me a bit upstage Smug

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2017-05-22, 10:42
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My little baby girls has grown up

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