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2017-07-19, 00:31

Rats in summer

There are a lot of fun out there for rats to do under the summer months. Also many smart things to try.  What is your tip on things to do, think of or ideas for summer months?

* Pea fishing is really popular. High or small bowl with water and peas. Rats love peas and it is a fun exercise.  And the rats can cool down while doing something fun.  Can take some time for some rats to understand what is in the water and how to get it. Of course, you can use other things than peas. 

* Marble blocks/stones is often cool and nice Help in the cage for rats to cool off on.

*  Pet bottles with water, freeze. Roll in towel and lay in the cage at a place the rats prefer to sleep. Helps to give some cool in heating summer. Some also freeze hammocks before putting them up. 

* Mine loves smoothies. I can mix barriers, vegetables or plain food. Then freeze in small ice cubes, easy to take out in small portions. Give it frozen to the rats. In the winter you can do the same but let it melt before giving it. Nice way to save food when you have made too much. 

Got more tips for summer months?

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