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Rules for selling

A help for interested in getting more information right away, but also help to make people more intrested by adding some more information.

Under construction

This template should always be copied and followed by for al ads about selling or giving away rats. There are no rules to follow when you looking to buy rats or borrow partner for mating. 

  • Rats name:
  • Birthdate:
  • Color, marking, coat, ear type:
  • Mothers name, age, variety, weight:
  • Fathers name, age, variety, weight:
  • Has the rat pedigree: 
  • Why was the litter taken, or why are the rat seeking new home: 
  • Make at least a small describing of the rat(temper, health etc)
  • Country and town to find the litter/rat:
  • Price

If there are some things you don't know. Write unknown or just leave it blank. Think about that not answering these questions when you have a litter, can make you seem unserious.

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