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2017-02-13, 18:38

Welcome to Rats

Nice to se you find the way in here. A new rat forum for everybody.

Hope you have som patience. This community is brand new and just started to exist. Will take some time to build everything up. But with your Help, we can make a lot happen. 
Do you have any article About rats, or would love to write some?  Write here or contact me in Pm. 

My plan is to uniting different countries. I do already host a rat community in my language.  
Feels like a lot of information is lost because you do not speak the same language. But even hard to find facts and information. Many sitting with a lot of knowledge. Others want to learn more. Several rat groups on Facebook. But it is difficult to find in these groups, difficult to add articles and discuss them.

Hope we can bring up a new forum and collect different countries on a single page. The more facts we teach and learn. The more we can grow as rat owners and breeders. 

I know we have different laws and different ways to manage our rats. As there are there are different names for colors and markings out there. As views on how to deal with everything.

I hope all members can have little patience with how different countries handle and keep their rats. Think of the tone, how you formulate yourself, try to keep a neutral profile. This is meant as a discussion forum. Here we discuss the rats and everything related to them.
But please keep in mind how you treat members. Hardness makes people decide to leave. People who leave can't be helped to do better. 

f you feel that the tone becomes hard. You feel attacked. Stop answering them in those threads or keep answering the posts. Otherwise, it will just continue. Please contact me or another Moderator so we can go in and take care of it.

Do you see any Moderator that behave badly?  Tell that immediately to the host. Same goes if the host does something wrong. I'm only human and also do mistakes. This is not okay as Moderator. Send a private message to the host. 

Hope you enjoy and find Rats to be a nice forum.
Best regards from your Host Zickan Heart

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